What My Patients Have Been Saying…

Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.

I have been to a few naturopathic doctors before, the difference this time is that I feel much more listened to and cared for. Dr. Munn has more knowledge than other naturopathic doctors I’ve been to and more non-traditional alternative solutions to explore if one option doesn’t fit for me.

I have seen Dr Emily for acupuncture when trying to conceive and then during my pregnancy. I like how she knows about and takes care of my total well being as my naturopathic doctor. I gave birth naturally to a healthy baby girl!

Dr Emily is open, honest, and upfront. She worked with me to help attain my health goals, but was never, ever pushy. I see her regularly for acupuncture and enjoy my quiet treatment time very much.
I worried that I was going to waste a bunch of money on things that did nothing to help me feel better. This was not the case! After seeing Dr. Emily, I felt supported with practical suggestions to help my body relax and recoup. The other naturopath I had seen recommended 8 different supplements right away, one of which I needed to take 10 pills 3 times a day to get the right dosage! This wasn’t practical for my lifestyle as a busy working mom of a young toddler. Dr. Emily talks to you about your lifestyle and meets you where you are at. She encourages solutions that I found manageable and got great results!

Dr. Emily has provided me with excellent recommendations for my diet, vitamins and supplements. One year later, I have lost 30 pounds, my medication for rheumatoid arthritis is being reduced and my arthritic condition continues to improve! I am absolutely certain that Dr. Emily’s treatments and interventions have significantly contributed to my improved health.
Thank you so much to my current and past patients, you make my job truly fulfilling. I am currently accepting new patients at
Living Wellness Centre and look forward to connecting soon.

Dr. Emily Munn ND
South Surrey, BC
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